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Institutional and Human Capacity Development (IHCD)

“When you pit a good employee against a bad system, the system will win most every time.” Geary Rummler, PhD


ACDC is a purpose-driven not-for-profit organization that supports governments, and civil society organizations (CSOs) in African countries that are seeking to transform their capacity building in Public Finance Management, Institutional and Human Capacity Development. OU highly educated and experienced executives are at the core of ACDC’S technical support programs and are passionate about sustainable development, and reducing inequality, will partner with you to improve the operational systems, standards and procedures, and policies in support of organization mission, support management reporting, information flow and office management, business process and organizational planning.

Institutional and Human Capacity Development (IHCD)

Our purpose-driven, development-oriented capability-building consultants have unparalleled experience in offering innovative, forward-looking guidance for institutions seeking to effect successful and sustainable organizational transformation.

Our HR, organizational transformation experts will perform an integrated assessment that reveals your particular needs and will tailor an appropriate response, including modifying organizational design, implementing workforce planning, devising HR strategies, developing new core capabilities, creating career models and competencies, developing training and professional advancement programs to address gaps, selecting and utilizing HR technologies, and increasing the performance of HR operations.

Our practice areas are :

  • Institutional Transformation
  • Human Capital Development
  • Leadership Development Program

In partnership with governments, non-profits, and civil society organizations (CSOs), our team can:

  • Conduct assessment of the current state of the organization’s capacities and weaknesses, and develop appropriate, feasible, and effective strategies that align the workforce and structure with the organization’s core values.
  • Leverage multi-phase roadmaps to transform the organization, including long-range strategic plans, resource allocation, timelines, and financial outcomes capacity development outcomes.
  • Identify, design, evaluate, and scale up best practices across the organization that enhance the capabilities of leaders and managers to execute on vision, mission and values.
  • Assist government entities and partners to formulate policies, prioritize investments, design programs, and implement projects with capacity development outcomes.
  • Review and evaluate internal practices, processes and procedures affecting organizational effectiveness and make recommendations for improvement.