Work With Us

ACDC ’s volunteers in the United States are uniquely positioned to deliver a powerful combination of superior technical expertise, understanding of country context and low-cost, high-impact advisory services. This unique position allows advisors to gain the trust and confidence of their host country counterparts.

Volunteers will be able to take advantage of a rare opportunity to gain exposure and experience in international development with specific focus in public financial management. ACDC volunteers will be carefully selected from a network of senior public financial management professionals with demonstrated knowledge and experience in managing and directing federal, state and local government financial operations in the USA. Volunteers will have a unique opportunity to share their knowledge and experience with their counterparts in various African countries whose exposure to advanced financial management systems are limited or non-existent.

ACDC volunteers can participate in international public financial management advisory work in the following ways:

  • Country assignments: Volunteers may be posted at government ministries (for example, Ministry of Finance) for a period of time. The length of the assignments could vary based on the nature of the project and funding availability. It is generally expected to be a minimum of 1 week to a maximum of 1 month.
  • Virtual Assistance: Volunteers may work with an African government on a particular subject and provide remote technical assistance
  • Hosting: Volunteers may participate by hosting study tours, fellowship and training programs in the United States for PFM practitioners from African governments.
  • Research: Volunteers may engage in a variety of research and development projects to help advance ACDC’s mission.